Questions-senses 3/28

1. Sound through touch can help to describe something in a sound. For example, people usually don’t get a full understanding of sounds unless they can touch or see it. People can hear the tapping of a pencil, but they can also feel it in their fingers or on the desk. Another way would be, in a car, someone can hear the bumps in the road, but the way we feel those bumps would be either a rise and fall over a speed bump or the down and up over a pothole. The sounds are very similar but the way it feels tells us which one it is. This can explain why we have physical reactions to songs, as well.

2. One experience when I had a heightened moment of multi-sensations would be when I was around the age of 12. I had a very bad migraine that led to distorted vision. I decided to still take a dance class and I had to use my sense of touch to figure out where things were and use hearing to understand my instructor, rather than watch. I was very scared so this heightened my senses (the ones that were working properly). Another time was when I was going to see my sister after a long time. I was very excited and I was looking and checking out every single car looking for hers, I remember the smell of gasoline, and listening to horns honking. My senses were raised in this exciting situation.


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